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About Marengo Trading

Our Vision

To be a leading global supplier of high-quality spare parts for trucks and heavy equipment, known for our reliability, exceptional customer service, and commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of top-notch spare parts for trucks and heavy equipment, ensuring maximum operational efficiency, minimal downtime, and cost-effectiveness.

About Us

Provide innovative and quality spare parts solutions for trucks and heavy equipment.

Marengo Trading has established supplies of spare parts in terms of quality assurance standards for trucks and heavy equipment. 

Many of the spare parts we offer are brand-specific and thus suitable for a particular brand of trucks or heavy equipment. We also sell spare parts suitable for several brands of vehicles or machines, so-called universal spare parts. 

We support exports for any size company and across all industries from UAE to any part of the world.

Exporting spare parts may have specific regulations and considerations depending on the type of spare parts, the industry, and the destination country. We have export specialists, trade associations, or relevant government agencies for comprehensive guidance and support throughout the exporting process.

Our Values

We are committed to providing spare parts of the highest quality that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring durability, reliability, and optimal performance for our customers.

We embrace innovation and continuously explore new technologies, materials, and processes to enhance our product offerings and meet evolving market demands. We aim to provide cutting-edge solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability for our customers.

We prioritize our customers’ needs and strive to develop long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We actively listen to our customers, understand their requirements, and provide personalized solutions.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations, ensuring consistent product quality, on-time delivery, and dependable service. Our customers can rely on us as a trusted partner for their spare parts needs.

We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment where employees are valued, empowered, and encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise. We believe that teamwork and mutual respect are essential for achieving our shared goals.

We promote a culture of continuous improvement, where we seek opportunities to enhance our processes, products, and services. We value feedback, monitor industry trends, and invest in ongoing training and development to stay at the forefront of the industry.